Bady Dorzhu

The vocal acrobatics known as “throat singing” has its roots on the grassy Mongolian steppe of Central Asia. Discover this remarkable singing style and learn about its connections to Tuvan daily life from one of its greatest living masters in his traditional yurt, the portable dwelling used by the nomadic…...See Full Bio

Balla Kouyate

Keeper of an unbroken 800-year lineage of West African oral historians and musicians known as djeli, Kouyate is a master of the balafon, the predecessor to the xylophone. Enjoy this unique opportunity to visit with a master musician and oral historian sharing his tradition imbued by the wisdom of hundreds…...See Full Bio

Cesar "Pocho" Urueta

Cesar “Pocho” Urueta

Coming to you from the lush countryside of Baranquilla, in northern Colombia, Urueta shares his explorations of Colombian music and demonstrates his distinctive and masterful drumming and dance styles. ...See Full Bio

Edwin Perez

There is powerful social commentary hidden right behind the danceable surface of Salsa Dura, a music central to Puerto Rican identity. Join master singer and percussionist Edwin Perez on a journey through the infectious rhythms of salsa as he assembles his full band for a full-on salsa party....See Full Bio


Meet the leading Afro-Colombian group in the U.S. as they celebrate the African and Indigenous roots of Latin American music and connect their new home in New York with the sounds of the Pacific coast of Colombia. Join in as they break down the different musical elements that together create…...See Full Bio

Jontavious Willis

Join this dynamic young blues master on a tour of his small hometown in rural Georgia, as he shares his personal influences and plays some of his favorite songs on 6- and 12-string guitars and harmonica in the tiny church where he traces his earliest musical experiences....See Full Bio

Kim So Ra

Master of the explosive and acrobatic samul nori style of drumming, Kim shares her music from the ever-evolving urban neighborhood of Euljiro, South Korea, highlighting how the ancient and modern coexist in Korean music and culture. ...See Full Bio

Le Vent Du Nord

When was the last time you experienced a hurdy-hurdy? Joining you from their homes in rural Canadian province of Quebec, the undisputed masters of French-Canadian music share this delightfully peculiar instrument and others that comprise the unique instrumentation and foot percussion of their deep musical tradition....See Full Bio

The Legendary Ingramettes

With a BIG sound and vocal harmonies to reach the heavens and the heartstrings, this family band of Gospel soul-stirrers unite social justice to the church and move the spirit. Join this exciting all-female quartet as they sing and share stories of their journey from their home church in Petersburg,…...See Full Bio

Linda & David Lay

Regarded as one of the sweetest voices in bluegrass, join Linda and her husband and musical partner David at their Shenandoah Valley farm as they break into stories and song while sharing the secrets behind her celebrated homemade biscuits....See Full Bio


From their home city of Arequipa, a UNESCO world heritage site, Lundú delve into the Indigenous and African roots of Peruvian music and celebrate the important role of female musicians in Peru. ...See Full Bio

Melaku Belay

Direct from the Fendika Cultural Center in Addis Ababa, Belay—a world-renowned dancer known as the “walking Earthquake” for his full-body movements—shares various traditional Ethiopian dance styles and music. Learn enough Ethiopian dance to be your own walking tremor!...See Full Bio


Sung in the traditional language of the indigenous Innu people but with a reggae backbeat and instrumentation, Shauit’s music is as dynamic as it is unique. Join Shauit from his current home city of Montreal, as he shares his unique sound, how he discovered reggae and the critical role that…...See Full Bio