Showcasing unique cultural traditions via audio and video recordings.

CCV prioritizes well-produced and thorough documentation of programs, exchanges and events, and collects field recordings at community gatherings throughout the country—resulting in a documentary collection made widely accessible through various broadcast and social media channels (Youtube, Soundcloud, and Vimeo). Various collections are also available to the public through partnerships with various archives including the Library of Congress, the Blue Ridge Institute, and the National Council for the Traditional Arts.

These documentary holdings constitute a tremendously important record of life in diverse communities. They are a treasure trove of diverse cultural traditions and aesthetic culture. They build the foundations for future partnerships and collaborations, as well as allow for audience expansion of CCV’s public programming and cultural exchange activities.  CCV also produces professional audio and video recordings, showcasing intercultural collaboration that celebrate cultural differences while revealing surprising confluences of origin and style.

In addition to producing our own music and video projects, CCV lends support to the work undertaken by the artists themselves.