Offering vibrant programs and events for the general public including festivals, workshops, concerts, and exhibitions.

Cultural festivals possess a unique power to showcase diverse cultural traditions, revitalize communities, generate a deeply felt shared sense of connection and fellowship among attendees, and stimulate economic development. CCV partners with festivals large and small to introduce audiences to a wide range of cultures in which they have likely not been previously exposed, thus helping forge new opportunities that bridge divides and engender greater cross-cultural understanding, empathy, and appreciation.

As the recent pandemic brought festivals to an abrupt halt, CCV has worked with partners to produce virtual festival presentations, producing video content for the Richmond Folk Festival, the Lowell Folk Festival, and the National Folk Festival in Salisbury, Maryland. The global pandemic has only intensified the need for the unique human connections and strengthening of communities galvanized by festivals, and CCV has been a strong leader—partnering with communities to resurrect and continue these critically important events.

CCV is currently consulting and partnering with festivals and municipalities across Virginia and the US in efforts to bring back their live in-person events, while assisting in designing virtual and hybrid programming should the pandemic necessitate the cancelation of events throughout 2021 or beyond.