We produce live and virtual educational programming for audiences of all ages with a focus on bringing community-based arts to under-resourced populations.

CCV produces live and virtual educational programming to a broad and diverse range of audiences including youth, seniors, and under-resourced communities.  In response to the pandemic during which the majority of schools across the country were forced to move to virtual classrooms, CCV partnered with the Creative Alliance in Baltimore, Maryland to develop World Culture in Context—utilizing emerging virtual tools to create exciting opportunities for student cultural engagement and arts enrichment.

The initial response to World Culture in Context has been overwhelmingly positive. The pandemic has introduced exciting possibilities and created an openness to connecting students with individuals and communities beyond the classroom. Education professionals are largely in agreement that these virtual tools will be utilized and further integrated into educational pedagogy even after students return full time to in-person instruction. CCV plans to expand the cultural offerings of World Culture in Context to include other forms of cultural expression and traditions including foodways, storytelling, occupational traditions, crafts, and others.

Pat Jarrett / Virginia Humanities

World Culture in Context

As educators have turned to new modes of remote learning in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, World Culture in Context utilizes these emerging virtual tools to create exciting opportunities for student cultural engagement and arts enrichment. World Culture in Context takes students on a virtual field trip, connecting them with renowned performing artists and community tradition-bearers from across the globe. Students will see participating artists perform in the places that have profoundly shaped their work and have the opportunity to engage with them in live dynamic conversations about creativity, belonging, and culture. World Culture in Context encourages students to look outwardly at the world’s distinct cultural expressions in order to create new pathways of understanding and to gain enhanced perspective and appreciation for the cultural traditions that thrive in their own lives and communities.

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