What a Year! Striving for Empathy, Understanding, and Heart in 2023

As 2023 winds down, we want to take a moment to reflect on our year here at the Center for Cultural Vibrancy. We believe that the folk and traditional arts are not simply pleasurable diversions but at the very heart of how individuals express their connection to community, identity, and…...

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Khayaal: teaching to heal mind and spirit

Early this summer, we supported the launch of a new, transformative project in Lahore, Pakistan. “Healing Khayaal” follows the preeminent family of an ancient Islamic traditional musical practice as they engage with a cohort of apprentices to continue their practice and explore how traditional music and teaching methods can heal…...

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Healing Khayaal: the music of Ustadh Naseer-ud-din Saami

We are over the moon excited about our next project, which just launched in Lahore, Pakistan. Healing Khayaal centers around the work of Pakistani vocalist and spiritual teacher Ustadh Naseer-ud-din Saami, the living master of khayaal, who traces his lineage back to the foundation of the now-rare 49-note scale in…...

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